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Funding and theses

Machine learning related funds and grants at IN2P3

Symbol Topic
☢️ accelerators
🔭 astro/cosmo


Acronym Years PI Labs Short Pitch
🔭,💫 DIRECTA 2024-2027 T. Vuillaume LAPP Deep learning for CTA event reconstruction in real-time
💫 DIVE 2023-2027 L. Cadamuro IJCLab, CPPM, LPNHE DiHiggs In VBF Events : Exploring the Higgs boson properties through vector boson fusion HH production
💫 ATRAPP 2022-2026 J. Lévêque LAPP advanced tracking algorithms for non-prompt tracks at the LHC
💫 OGCID 2022-2026 F. Magniette LLR Optimal graph convolution neural network for efficient particle identification
🔭 DISPERS 2022-2026 W. Gillard CPPM Deep learning for slit-less Spectroscopic Redshift survey Simulator
💫 ATRAPP 2022-2025 J. Leveque LAPP, IJCLab Advanced algorithms for tracking at HL-LHC
💫 FIDDLE 2022-2025 G. Dujany IPHC Finding Invisible Decays with Deep Learning at Belle II
💫 DMwithLLPatLHC 2021-2026 M.-H. Genest LPSC, LPNHE, LPTHE Dark Matter with Long Lived Particles at LHC
🔭 RICOCHET 2021-2025 E. Chassande-Mottin APC, Gipsa-lab Interdisciplinary project (PI Nicolas Lebihan) aimed at developing new tools and methods for the analysis, measure, characterization and simulation of the gravitational wave polarization
💫 AIDAQ 2021-2024 G. Aad CPPM Artificial Intelligence on FPGAs: A breakthrough for Data AcQuisition in High Energy Physics experiments and beyond
🔭 AstroDeep 2019-2024 E. Aubourg APC, CEA, Inria Deep learning algorithms for galaxy deblending
🔭 DeepDIP 2019-2023 D. Fouchez CPPM, IAP, LAM, LIRMM, TETIS Deep Learning techniques for supernovae and photometric redshifts


Acronym Years PI Labs Short Pitch
☢️ PGTI : Prompt Gamma Time Imaging 2022-2027 S. Marcatili LPSC, CPPM NN pour calculer la dose de radiation recue par un patient à partir des données d'imagerie médicale en photonthérapie

Other sources of funding

Origin Years PI Labs Short Pitch
🔭 diiP grant 2022-2023 S. Mei APC ML for photometric redshift estimation in DESC
🔭 CNRS-MITI 2022-2023 Emille Ishida LPC-Clermont Finding the first generation of stars with LSST
💫 diiP grant 2021-2022 J. Coelho APC Learning from deep sea light with KM3NeT
💫 AMIDEX 2019-2022 G. Aad CPPM Artificial Intelligence on FPGAs: A breakthrough for Data AcQuisition in High Energy Physics experiments and beyond (AIDAQ)
Origin Years PI Labs Short Pitch
🔭 diiP grant 2023-2024 A. Boucaud, M. Huertas-Company APC Investigating Diffusion Models for Astronomical Image Deconvolution
☢️ CEA (bourse de thèse) 2023-2026 G. Hupin (Co-PI) IJCLab Acceleration of Atomic and Nuclear Structure Codes via Artificial Intelligence
☢️ ARTIFACT 2023-2024 A. Ghribi GANIL
☢️ AMORCE InM4CAST 2023-2024 A. Ghribi GANIL
☢️ Université 2023-2026 A. Ghribi GANIL AI for RF and Cryogenics in superconducting accelerators
☢️ GENCI M4CAST 2023-2024 A. Ghribi GANIL
☢️ IN2P3 MLAcc / M4CAST 2023-2024 A. Ghribi GANIL
💫 France Berkeley Fund 2023-2024 A. Butter LPNHE Unbinned Deconvolution for Particle/Nuclear Physics
💫 DataMATTER IN2P3 project 2022-2024 S. Kraml LPSC Data Science Methods and Tools to Exploit LHC Results
🔭,💫 Chaire U. Paris Cité – AstrodiiP 2021-2025 Y. Becherini APC Various activities around the search for hidden information in AGN data and in boosting sensitivity in gamma-ray and neutrino telescopes
💫 H2020 AIDAINNOVA 2021-2025 H. Grasland IJCLab
💫 MSCA SMARTHEP MSCA ITN 2021-2025 V. Gligorov, B. Malaescu LPNHE
💫 ANN4EUROPE Franco-German AI grant 2021-2025 V. Gligorov (co-PI) LPNHE

PhD theses

Name Years Supervisor(s) Lab(s) Funding Short Pitch
💫 Nemer Chiedde 2020-2023 E. Monnier, G. Aad CPPM CNRS Implementation of embedded artificial algorithms on the backend readout boards of the ATLAS liquid argon calorimeter
💫 Lauri Laatu 2020-2023 E. Monnier, G. Aad CPPM AMIDEX, ANR AIDAQ Development of artificial intelligence algorithms adapted to big data processing in embedded (FPGAs) trigger and data acquisition systems at the LHC
💫 Arnaud Maury 2020-2023 D. Rousseau IJCLab UDOPIA Simulation-Based Inference for the off-shell Higgs decaying into 4 leptons in the ATLAS experiment & commissioning of a Gaussian-Sum Filtering algorithm for electron track fitting in ITk
💫 Ioan Dinu 2019-2022 J. Donini, Alexa C. LPC, IFIN-HH IFIN-HH New Small Wheel Muon Detector Trigger Processor Hardware and Beyond Standard Model Searches Using Machine Learning Techniques in the ATLAS Experiment at LHC
💫 Etienne Fortin 2019-2022 E. Monnier, G. Aad CPPM CNRS, Region PACA Commissioning and performance of the trigger and readout system of the liquid argon calorimeter of the ATLAS experiment
💫 Louis Vaslin 2019-2022 J. Donini, V. Barra LPC, LIMOS University Clermont Auvergne Recherche de Nouvelle Physique avec l'expérience ATLAS en utilisant des techniques de Machine Learning non supervisées et semi-supervisées
🔭 Bastien Arcelin 2018-2021 E. Aubourg, C. Doux, C. Roucelle APC STEP'UP, ANR AstroDeep Deblending galaxies with variational autoencoders
💫 Aishik Ghosh 2017-2020 D. Rousseau IJCLab ED Simulation of the ATLAS electromagnetic calorimeter using generative adversarial networks and likelihood-free inference of the offshell Higgs boson couplings at the LHC
💫 Ziyu Guo 2016-2019 Y. Coadou, T. Artières CPPM, LIS Aix Marseille Université Higgs boson search in ATLAS on the ttH(H->bb) channel using ML
💫 Fabricio Jimenez 2016-2019 J. Donini LPC EU Model independent searches for New Physics using Machine Learning at the ATLAS experiment
Name Years Supervisor(s) Labs Funding Short Pitch
💫, ☢️ Dunstan Becht 2023-2026 N. Pillet, P. Indelicato, G. Hupin CEA, IJCLab, LKB Sorbonne Université Convergence Acceleration for Atomic and Nuclear Structure Codes by Artificial Intelligence
💫 Ragansu Chakkappai 2023-2026 D. Rousseau IJCLab ChaLearn Uncertainty aware Artificial Intelligence for Higgs Cross-section measurement in the ATLAS experiment
🔭,💫 Max Eff 2023-2026 Y. Becherini APC Université Paris Cité An AI-based data analysis to unveil HESS faintest sources and to search for astrophysical neutrinos in KM3NeT
💫 Eva Mayer 2023-2026 J. Donini, S. Calvet, M. Michel LPC, LMBP ED Development of innovative statistical learning methods for the search of new physics signatures in the ATLAS detector at the LHC
💫 Leonardo Splendori 2023-2026 T. Strebler, A. Duperrin CPPM CNRS Probing the Higgs boson pair production through Vector Boson Fusion at the LHC in the ATLAS experiment
💫 Laura Boggia 2022-2025 B. Malaescu LPNHE EU Automate the learning of decision models by combining statistical and knowledge-based methods
💫 Anthony Coreia 2022-2025 V. Gligorov LPNHE Franco German AI grant Full reconstruction of charged particles in the LHCb detector using a graph neural network
💫 Fotis Giasemis 2022-2025 V. Gligorov, B. Granado LPNHE EU (MSCA) Charged Particle Reconstruction using Neural Networks on heterogenous architectures
🔭,💫 Enzo Oukacha 2022-2025 Y. Becherini APC Université Paris Cité Search for neutrino-gamma correlations in the extragalactic sky
🔭,💫 Santiago Peña Martínez 2022-2025 A. Kouchner, J. Coelho APC STEP'UP Deeply Learning from Neutrino Interactions with the KM3NeT neutrino telescope
🔭 Lucas Sauniere 2022-2025 S. Escoffier, W. Gillard CPPM AMU Instrument model for the NISP Slit-Less spectroscopy
💫 Guillaume Albouy 2021-2024 M.-H. Genest, P-A Delsart LPSC ED Calibration en énergie et masse des jets hadroniques avec un DNN
💫 Federico Nardi 2021-2024 J. Donini, T. Dorigo LPC, INFN (Padoue) EU, INFN Towards End-to-end optimization of experimental design with automatic differentiation
🔭 Vincent Duret 2021-2024 S. Escoffier, W. Gillard CPPM AMU Photometric redshifts calibration and cosmological constraints by tomographic galaxy clustering with Euclid data
💫 Maxime Fernoux 2021-2024 A. Duperrin, E. Petit CPPM CNRS Preparation of the Higgs boson self-coupling measurement in HH -> bbyy channel with the ATLAS experiment
🔭 Biswajit Biswas 2021-2024 E. Aubourg, C. Roucelle, J. Lao APC, Google COFUND Deep generative networks for probabilistic source separation
🔭 Michaël Dell'aiera 2021-2024 T. Vuillaume, A. Benoit LAPP, LISTIC (USMB) ESCAPE, EOSC Future, LAPP Deep Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for the Cherenkov Telescope Array
🔭 Kirill Grishin 2021-2024 S. Mei APC Université Paris Cité Cluster detection with machine learning and their galaxy population
🔭 Justine Zeghal 2021-2024 E. Aubourg, A. Boucaud, F. Lanusse APC, AIM STEP'UP, diiP Accelerating simulation-based inference (SBI) with differentiable simulators